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Who is the activity for?

Anyone who is at least 1.57 m (5ft. 2in.) with outstretched arms, who are able to support a walk in unstable conditions and who do not suffer from vertigo can come and play at Divertigo Bromont.

Is there a minimum age required to do the activity?

No, two things will be taken into account:

1. The minimum size (1.57 m or 5ft and 2in) with outstretched arms;

2. The strength of the person to manipulate the lanyards. In general, very little force is required.

Can my child participate in activities at  Divertigo Bromont ?

The module is designed so that the first level located at 2.4 m (8 ft.) above the ground is suitable for smaller and younger children. The difficulty level of the challenge is for their skill level. Children up to 1.57m (5ft. 2in.) and over, with outstretched arms, can move to higher levels. The higher you go into the structure, the more difficult the challenges are.

Is this activity safe?

Yes indeed. Divertigo Bromont uses the very latest innovations in hanging systems. We use Smart Belay systems from Edelrid. This double-hooking system retains the participant at all times with at least one hook. The two hooks can not be opened at the same time. It's impossible! Divertigo Bromont's staff ensures that each participant's fasteners on the harness are securely fastened when entering the module. Participants can not get off hooks until they reach the exit and have touch the ground. In addition, each employee is trained to rescue participants in case of an emergency.

How long should we arrive in advance to take part in the activity?

Plan to arrive in the parking at least 45 minutes before your time slot. Once in the parking lot, you will have to go up to the site, complete and give your release of liability form and attend a short training session. To speed up the process, you can fill out the release of liability form in advance. One form per person is required.

Do we have to reserve the activity in advance? Is it possible to simply show up?

Although both options are possible, the Divertigo Bromont team strongly recommends that you reserve your place in advance through its website. Knowing that there is a limited number of participants per block of hours, we advise you to book a time slot. The priority of access to the site will be given to those who booked their place online or in advance. 

How do we go to the activity?

See the map at the end of this section. From the parking lot, you will have to walk about 10 minutes before reaching the site. A shuttle service is offered to people who have difficulty walking in the mountains. You have to book the shuttle service during your reservation process.

Can I bring my own equipment?

For safety and insurance reasons, only equipment supplied by Divertigo Bromont can be used.

What should we wear during the activity?

The Divertigo Bromont team recommends you to wear sportswear and sneakers to get moving. Because of friction against cables, avoid short clothing, open sandals and caps

What happens if it rains?

The facilities remain accessible if it rains slightly. The games remain safe and functional. That said, the Divertigo Bromont team will close the site if there is or will be any forecasts of:

- Thunders and lightnings;

- Extended heavy rain.

Check our website the day of your visit to find out. For those who have already purchased their tickets via our booking module, you will receive a notice of closure by email at least 12 hours in advance. You may transfer your ticket to another free time slot if and only if the site must be closed. The details of this transfer will be explained in the email warning you of the closure of the site.

No refund will be made in case of rain or site closure, unless you buy tickets during the last two weeks of the season.

Can I get a refund if I decide, on the spot, that this activity is not for me?

If you show up on the site and decide not to get into the structure, Divertigo Bromont grant you a refund of $ 10 on the price of your ticket. Once you are mounted in the module, no refund will be possible.

Can I attend the activities as a spectator?

Yes, certainly! Spectators are invited to come and see our brave participants at work! That said, you will have to stay outside the fenced enclosure to avoid injury. An object could fall from a participant's pocket and reach you. 

What payment methods are available?

On our website

- Credit Cards only

(Visa, Master Card, American Express)

On site

- Credit cards

(Visa, Master Card, American Express)

- Cash

- Interac e-Transfer

Interac debit not available

how long does it take to do this activity

Normally, after two hours, most people have quenched their thirst for adrenaline! It is on this basis that Divertigo Bromont established the access ranges to the games.

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We invite you to send your question. Contact us here.

Des questions? des réponses!

Site Map

To be able to go through the water park path (shorter) you will need to show a valid Divertigo proof of purchase of the day. Otherwise, you will need to use the off-site path.

Be part of the team!

Divertigo Bromont is always looking for motivated and courageous people to be part of his team. We invite you to send us an email and upload your CV as an attachment. Remember that you must be 16 years old during the current year to apply.